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Re: scientific paper in package only in postscript form non-free?

>> [...] It is doubtful that the PostScript files are
>> the source code referred to by DFSG item 2. More likely is that the
>> source files are TeX documents.

> Cool, where is the agreed clearer version of DFSG 2 that says what it
> means by source code?

> I feel it's a grey area, so if the PS files aren't too difficult to
> reconstruct, I'd still let them stay.

Wouldnt pass NEW with *those* .ps only. Yes, PS can be source/preferred
form for modification for stuff to, there are those people who write it
directly, and thats fine. But in this case its pretty clear the source/preferred
form for modification is a tex document, so we would request that.

bye, Joerg
>From a NM after doing the license stuff:
I am glad that I am not a lawyer!  What a miserable way to earn a living.

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