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Re: The "Evil Cookie Producer" case

Hi, and thanks for the effort of providing the complete information.

Le lundi 07 mars 2011 à 09:31 +0000, Andrew Ross a écrit : 
> The software itself is the current version of iText, which is licensed
> under the AGPL with the following additional term:
> "In accordance with Section 7(b) of the GNU Affero General Public
> License, you must retain the producer line in every PDF that is created
> or manipulated using iText."

I’m not sure how to interpret this restriction. If it is in accordance
to Section 7b, it means you cannot remove from iText the code that
produces this line in PDF files. You are still free to remove the line
in the generated PDF file if you want.

If the intent is to restrict modifications that can be made on generated
PDF files themselves, the license is clearly non-free (and considered a
“further restriction” in the AGPL).

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