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Re: The "Evil Cookie Producer" case

Op 6/03/2011 18:00, Josselin Mouette schreef:
This is not a metaphor. It is about something that is not software, for which you try to apply software reasoning. I fail to see where you want to go with this.

10 Q: Does the DFSG apply only to computer programs?
A: No, we apply our standards of freedom to all parts of all software in Debian.

Recipes are very much like software: they are series of instructions that are to be processed in a specific order. We can very well build a machine that runs Debian and that uses a recipe in the form of a F/OSS program to bake cookies.

This kind of protection should be provided by law.
Yes, it should, but the FAQ mentions: a. The Desert Island test.

Let's imagine a community of castaways on a desert island with a solar-powered computer and a solar-powered kitchen. There is no law on that Island; our license is the only means available.

Please don't avoid the question: does the freedom to hide information prevail over the freedom to get information?

This is a theorical thought experiment. I'm asking you to use your imagination, as is done in the FAQ with metaphors such as the Desert Island test, the Dissident test and the Tentacles of Evil test.

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