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Re: Unclear source data situation

On Martes 11 Enero 2011 12:09:01 MJ Ray escribió:
> Noel David Torres Taño wrote:
> > No comments on this?
> I didn't understand what anyone was meant to do with it.
> Make it easy to understand what you want
> If you want something, come right out and say it. People read so many
> emails that they often don't guess at what a cryptic message means,
> but delete and move on to the next one. Help them to understand what
> you want. If you want a reply, ask a question, or finish the email
> with a request for replies. If you don't want a reply (on a thank-you
> note, for example), mention that too.
> More tips: http://mjr.towers.org.uk/email.html
> Thanks,

Well, I want to know the opinion of debian-legal about the license and 
copyright expressed in the first e-mail
http://lists.debian.org/debian-legal/2010/12/msg00030.html , since I'm 
packaging it and I do not want to get Debian in trouble.

The point is that data comes from ESA and the original terms under they were 
fetched are not available, but only in the Internet Archive.

Could somebody with better legal knowledge than me help clearing this?


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