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please advise on how to "attribute" correctly using CC BY-SA 3.0

Hi Legal Experts,

In the realm of the mix of research and Debian activities we
(NeuroDebian project) whenever applicable try to encourage researchers
to share their data under some open terms.  To avoid confusion, and to
suggest a license which seems to be a better fit for data, we
advise (and use ourselves)  CC BY-SA 3.0, in particular because it was
announced to be DFSG-compliant.

Here follows the main question: what would be the correct composition of
for the copyright/license notice to embed the desired attribution, in
particular referencing a journal publication (which seems to be ok
according to my treat of 4c of CC BY-SA license terms) e.g.

Copyright (C) 2010, Author1, Author2
Distributed under the terms of the 
Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 license:
Public use requires attribution of the original works published in
Author1, Author2, Title of the paper, where published, 2010, URL:

Something like that? or am I stretching "attribution" idea of CC BY-SA
too far?

Please advise

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