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Re: Catalyst Career Group use of Debian logo

On 08/23/2010 04:11 AM, MJ Ray wrote:
philip tricca wrote:
I've run across a company using the Debian logo slightly modified in a
way that appears to violate the logo license (at least in my reading of
it): its use is not in reference to the Debian project.  The company
site can be found here: http://www.catalystcareergroup.com/

Not sure what to do aside from ask for clarification here.  Does anyone
have an opinion?

First of all, I'd check that the logo is pretty near identical to the
debian one (so covered by the logo license) and post the results of
the comparison to this thread.  If so, I'd inform leader@debian about
this thread and ask if he'd pass it to the lawyers through spi-inc.org.

Sorry for the (very) late reply MJ. I've done what I consider a reasonably thorough comparison of the two logos. You can follow along here: http://twobit.us/blog/2010/12/comparison-of-catalyst-log/

Readers of this list aren't the copyright holder, so what we can do
directly is limited.  I may also be completely wrong about what to
do :-)

Got it. If you've got some cycles to spare take a look at the two logos. Before I bother leader@debian I'd like to get a few extra pairs of eyes to verify my concerns are valid.

- Philip

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