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Re: Inappropriate use of Debian logo.

Alessandro Rubini <rubini@arcana.linux.it> writes:

> > [...] "The comapny Logo was created by photoshop and Logo software,
> > we desgined it from the stretch. if you have somethins to say, give
> > us a call."
> Unfortunately, they may be right and in good faith.

Right. But that may not matter, since (unlike copyright) the derivation
of an image is not AFAIK relevant for trademark violation; what matters
is whether the image is confusingly similar to an existing trademark.

> This message confirms the swirl is just one of the defaults:
> 	http://lists.debian.org/debian-legal/2005/06/msg00340.html
> [which, may I say, was quite a naive choice for such an important
> distro]

Yes, it would have been better to present an image that wasn't so
trivially duplicated by independent users of that image program. But
it's a burden to be borne now.

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