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Re: Inappropriate use of Debian logo.

Sam McLeod <sammcj@gmail.com> writes:
> FYI - A computer shop has taken the Debian logo and used it for his
> business.
> Nowhere does the business mention Debian and when I sent the owner an email
> informing him of the misuse and linking him to debian.org/logos - he claimed
> he created the logo from scratch:
> (Please excuse his bad English, but it's best I quote word-for-word)
> "The comapny Logo was created by photoshop and Logo software, we desgined it
> from the stretch. if you have somethins to say, give us a call."

Maybe both logos were indeed created using the same tool and that's
why the result looks identical?

> Screenshot:
> http://imgur.com/gFKfs.jpg

Re "Stolen": Copyright infridgement and theft are both a problem but
should not be confused.

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