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Re: do DFSG require that derived works use the original licence?

On 22/11/10 20:15, Lukas Baxa wrote:
> # - Forcing any work that includes part of their work (such works are
> #   called derived works in copyright discussions) to use the same
> #   license.
> ...
> As far as I know, GPL requires it. But it seems to me that DFSG do not.
> Does it mean that it would be possible to include software in Debian
> that could be derived and licensed otherwise than the original software?
> And does it mean that such derived software might even be a proprietary
> software?
Note that the GPL does *NOT* require that you use the GPL for your

It just means you have to use a GPL-compatible licence for your changes
if you want to distribute the modified work.

I look at the GPL as a guarantee - if *any* part of the work is covered
by the GPL, it means that I don't have to worry about licences. Because
any other licences have to be GPL-compatible, then provided I comply
with the GPL I will also be complying with any other licences.


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