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Re: CodeIgniter license

Le lundi 01 novembre 2010 à 10:24 +0100, Francesco Poli a écrit : 
> Back to the initial topic: I personally think that a license which
> forces me to disclose my own identity in order to distribute a file
> modified by me fails DFSG#1, since being forced to disclose one's own
> identity can be a fee.

This is a very far-fetched interpretation of DFSG#1. I would say that it
fails DFSG#5, maybe #7.

However, It would be interesting to know in which countries this is a
real concern. In French copyright law, pseudonyms are legally an
identity when it comes to copyright. So a license that requires you to
disclose your identity doesn’t actually require you to give the name on
your passport.

If a local law doesn’t acknowledge pseudonyms for copyright assignment,
what happens to works distributed under a pseudonym? Are they
automatically illegal? made public domain?

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