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Re: [DebianGIS] RFS - mapcatcher

On 07/20/2010 10:15 PM, Hamish wrote:
Google's terms of service do not allow that kind of usage.
I highly doubt Yahoo's do either. Cloudmade is based on OSM data,
they might, but as they are a .com I'm not sure, you'd have to
Hi Hamish,

Yahoo's allow it, Cloudmade's allow it too - it's worth checking :-D

in fact, as usual in the law, it's a complete lottery - for instance google map maker is unrestricted, their worry is what you could upload rather than what you could download; while google maps has the mass download restrictions I've referred to already, when its gps clause is marginally more tolerant than yahoo's - referring to 'route guidance' rather than a 'regular geolocation signal' - reminds me of 'repetitive beats' :-)

Yahoo's are bizarrely strictly phrased around gps integration, however, so the codebase is being modified accordingly

so the only real question for those at debian-legal who think they understand law :-) is whether the implementation should be nitpickingly strict - no possibility of doing what the websites' terms taken at their highest forbid - else more tolerant = allow the viewer to override the warning; either way it's quite possible to simply make the difference the debian .diff, no skin off my nose :-D

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