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Re: Plugins for non-free software in orig.tar.gz

On Tue, 6 Jul 2010 19:44:33 +0200 Manuel A. Fernandez Montecelo wrote:

> So what should I do about this whole issue?  Summarize all the problems that 
> we've pointed out and write to this list and the authors to discuss the 
> whole issue together?  Ask to them and post here about their explanations, 
> to know if they would be acceptable for Debian? ...?

Since nobody else has replied so far, I'll express my own personal

I think that probably the safest course of action is summarizing the
issues to upstream copyright holders, without directly involving
them in debian-legal discussions.
I see it as a courtesy to upstream: discussions on this list may
sometimes become lengthy and not all upstream have much time to spend
on what, in some cases, may look like splitting hairs on legal
Moreover, people on this list cannot individually speak on behalf of
the Debian Project (a number of participants, including me!, are not
even Debian Developers or Debian Maintainers): as a consequence, any
statement should be given time to be reviewed by other debian-legal
participants, before it's presented to upstream (and should not be
presented as the official Debian Project position, anyway).

Of course, if you need further help, you can always come back to the
list and ask for opinions...

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