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Re: Plugins for non-free software in orig.tar.gz

On Wed, 30 Jun 2010 00:08:00 +0200 Manuel A. Fernandez Montecelo wrote:

> Hello,

Hello!   :-)

> (Please CC me in the replies, I'm not subscribed to the ML).


> I packaged Aqsis recently: http://packages.debian.org/source/unstable/aqsis

Thank you for doing so: it looks like an interesting tool...

> and it contains a kind of plugin, adaptor or something like that for a 
> software called Houdini [1], which is
> available as a free download for non-commercial use".
> This kind of plugin is intended enable Houdini using Aqsis renderer.
> I can disable it and not build it/install it in binary packace, this plugin 
> isn't very important at the moment (e.g. it's not important enough to create 
> a binary package for contrib/); but I don't know whether we can have it in 
> the original source package, or it has to be removed altogether from 
> orig.tar.{gz,bz2,whatever}.

I think the key questions here are:

 0) does the plugin itself comply with the DFSG?
 1) does the plugin require anything outside of main for compilation?
 2) does the plugin constitute a secondary feature of aqsis?

I suppose the answer to question number 2 is affirmative, since you say
that you can disable it, and that it's not that important...

> Any hints?

Another question, before I forget.
The debian/copyright file for aqsis

| Copyright for 'sdcBMP/d_sdcBMP.cpp' and 'sdcWin32/d_sdcWin32.cpp' under
| 'tools/displays/' directory:
| --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
| Copyright 2000 by Schroff Development Corporation, Shawnee-Mission,
| Kansas, United States of America. All rights reserved.
|   ****************************************************************************
| This Display Driver is distributed as "freeware". There are no
| restrictions on its' usage.
|   ****************************************************************************
| Schroff Development Corporation makes no warranties, either expressed
| or implied, with respect to the programs contained within this file, or
| with respect to software used in conjunction with these programs. The
| programs are distributed 'as is'.  The entire risk as to its quality and
| performance is assumed by the purchaser.  Schroff  Development Corporation
| does not guarantee, warrant or make any representation regarding the
| use of, or the results of the use of the programs in terms of correctness,
| accuracy, reliability, or performance. Schroff Development Corporation
| assumes no liability for any direct, indirect, or consquential, special
| or exemplary damages, regardless of its having been advised of the
| possibility of such damage.
| --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

I cannot see any permission to distribute and/or sell these two files
(DFSG#1); also, I cannot see any permission to modify (DFSG#3).
Hence, it seems to me that those two files fail to comply with the
DFSG, and should consequently be removed from the package, if at all
possible, or substituted by DFSG-free replacements.

Or am I missing something?

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