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Re: Distribution of media content together with GPLv2 code in one package?

On Sun, Apr 4, 2010 at 6:15 PM, Rudolf Polzer <divVerent@alientrap.org> wrote:

> BTW: is it DFSG and GPL compliant to compose music using CC-BY released
> samples? CC-BY does not require anything about the license of derived works
> (only CC-BY-SA does). And can't the source requirement of the GPL be fulfilled
> by providing the original samples and the info how to combine the work from
> these samples (project file) - which however then are under CC-BY?

The GPL wouldn't have anything to do with that situation AFAICT. I
can't see why the result wouldn't be DFSG-compliant since you're
providing the original samples and a build script.

> Sorry, but I have NEVER heared any good sounding dynamically generated music,
> or procedurally generated sounds. Sounds often are mixed from hundreds of
> recorded samples from the same event (e.g. throwing a can on the ground).
> Artists then tend to delete the single recordings, and do further improvement
> based on the mixed recording.

Hmmm, ok.

> Also, the available free soundfonts (like freepats) are VERY poor quality.

Does that also apply to the fluid soundfont?


>> Regarding textures, procedural generation has been done before and
>> might be a good way to go.
> So basically you say - kick out all artists, and make a coder-only game? Nobody
> would want to LOOK at that.


> Well, because of the source requirement, CC probably is not DFSG-free then?

Not requiring source distribution doesn't mean a license is not
DFSG-free, for example BSD-licensed software is DFSG-free.

> One can clearly see that in the poor quality of the game screenshots.

I assume you mean YoFrankie? They look fine to me. In any case they
aren't using procedural textures.

> In case you mean the site http://www.nexuiz.com/ - this deal was made without
> consent of any of the developers and caused the developers to leave Alientrap.
> But that is another issue.

I did mean that site. Ah, OK.

BTW: I'm subscribed, no need to CC.



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