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Re: Distributing Debian derivative

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On 22/03/10 13:56, Ben Finney wrote:
> Absent any modifications, all of Debian (that is, the ‘main’ archive
> section) is free to redistribute verbatim in any form. Many other
> actions are also permitted; see the specific license texts for details.

I've read that; unfortunately, it just talks about the philosophy of
Freeness, and doesn't provide anything about the actual mechanics of
what I need to do.

Do I, for example, have to manually compile a list of every single
license for every package in the tarball and make those available
individually on my website, or is there a simpler way, like a specific
piece of legal boilerplate approved by debian-legal pointing at the
licenses elsewhere? Is there any overall cover text I need to include?
Or do the copies of the licenses in the tarball itself suffice, meaning
I don't need to provide any additional information, and can just plonk
the tarball distribution on Sourceforge and be done with it?

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