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Re: Distributing Debian derivative

David Given <dg@cowlark.com> writes:

> I'd like to distribute a Debian root file system with my (open source)
> projects. What are my legal obligations when doing so?

Your legal obligations under copyright law are to comply with the
license terms in the copyright files of each package you redistribute.

> What I want to distribute is a tarball of a basic debootstrapped root
> file system. This isn't a format that Debian itself distributes, so I
> can't just point my users at a Debian mirror; so I'd like to include my
> own copy for user convenience. I don't (at present) want to modify it.

Absent any modifications, all of Debian (that is, the ‘main’ archive
section) is free to redistribute verbatim in any form. Many other
actions are also permitted; see the specific license texts for details.

> I've looked for suitable documentation but have failed to find any.
> What should I be reading?

The “What does free mean?” page <URL:http://www.debian.org/intro/free>
will help understand these issues.

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Ben Finney

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