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Re: ISDA CDS Standard Model Public Licence v0.1

On Sun, 14 Feb 2010 16:53:39 +1100 Ben Finney wrote:

> Guillaume Yziquel <guillaume.yziquel@citycable.ch> writes:
> > I've noticed a software with a custom licence.
> Which software work is that?
> > Seems to roughly adhere to DFSG (section 4 and 6 may not...):
> >
> >     http://www.cdsmodel.com/cdsmodel/cds-disclaimer.page
> For reference in this thread, here is the text of the license found at
> that URL at the current time:

Thanks, Ben.

> =====
> ISDA CDS Standard Model Public Licence
> Version 1.0
> 4. Attribution Rights.
> (a) You must retain in their original locations, in any copies of the
> ISDA CDS Standard Model,
> (ii) all copyright, patent, or trademark notices from the Source Code of
> the ISDA CDS Standard Model, as well as any notices of licensing and any
> descriptive text identified therein as an "Attribution Notice."

This sounds like the infamous GFDL's "Invariant Sections": if I
understand correctly, any "descriptive text" which is "identified" as
an "Attribution Notice" must be preserved in its original location and
(it seems) cannot be modified.
If the clause really means this, then I think any software package
licensed under these terms fails DFGS#3, whenever it includes such
attribution notices.

I also share the doubts and objections expressed by Walter Landry in
his reply.

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