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Re: BOINC: lib/cal.h license issue agree with the DFSG?

On Monday 04 January 2010 04:31:53 am MJ Ray wrote:
> Sean Kellogg wrote:
> > > Moreover, in the present case, I think that I honestly stated that the
> > > DFSG-freeness of choice of venue clauses is controversial and then I
> > > provided my own personal opinion, *explicitly* labeling it as such. [...]
> > 
> > The problem with this line of argument is that it sounds very
> > similar to the climate skeptics / intelligent design crowd.
> So objecting to agreeing to travel to Texas from Europe (or be judged
> in one's absence which I believe means you almost always lose) is very
> similar to a religious argument to you?
> Wow, it seems an utterly practical matter to me.

You can object all you want. I'm not say that choice-of-venue clauses are somehow "great"... just saying that aren't prohibited by the DFSG. The DFSG does not give you everything you want, only what you need :)

> > The
> > approach seems to be, "continue to inject controversy even when
> > there is community consensus, in hopes of giving the appearance of
> > true division." Sure, it's their right to believe as they wish, and
> > to speak as they wish, but to the community that has moved on it
> > sure is awfully annoying and dilatory. The FUD strategy has a way of
> > getting of people's nerves awfully quickly :)
> I'm not convinced that there is consensus on choice-of-venue being
> acceptable.  I suspect there's a mix of considering it acceptable,
> thinking we can fight it when needed and ignorance.

I can't speak to the makeup of the d-l list, or the DD membership... but I'm /fairly/ certain that there are packages in main right now with choice-of-venue clauses that have been approved by the FTP masters. Sounds like a settled matter to me, unless someone wants to bring the matter to a vote of the DD membership. But, in my observation, the d-l hardline position tends to not carry the day in such votes.

> Returning to the intelligent design analugy, it's like the difference
> between outlawing promotion of it completely and stopping it being
> taught as the One True Way.

Who said anything about outlawing? I didn't ask for Francesco to be banned from the mailing list... goodness, he does more license analysis than anyone else, and generally he's quite good at it. He's welcome to say whatever he likes, just as I'm welcome to say he's wrong :)

Sean Kellogg
e: skellogg@probonogeek.org

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