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Re: Skype/Facebook trademark logos in Debian packages

Paul Wise wrote:
> According to the comments in one of the URLs in the initial mail in
> this thread, the author of the facebook icon specifically created it
> for pidgin-facebookchat, so I imagine they specifically licensed it
> under the GPLv3 for pidgin-facebookchat folks.
> http://cubestuff.wordpress.com/2008/05/21/facebook-goes-tango/

About icons, initially, on May 2008 Facebookchat icons have been
released under CC-BY-SA-NC as we can see on the left side of that page.
Then, on August 2009, included in the project Breakdance [1] and
released under public domain.
Until August 2009, they were in Debian but non-DSFG compliant.
AFAIK a specific GPLv3 license for facebookchat icons doesn't exist.
Current debian/copyright confirms that.

Regarding Skype icons, same creator, same initial license [2] but they
are not in Breakdance so they are still CC-BY-SA-NC.

My question remains: Shouldn't Skype and Facebook logos be treated as
MSN butterfly, ICQ flower, Novell Groupwise messenger, Yahoo messenger
and many others logos?
If they should be
	at the moment, _that_ Facebook icons are ok because under public
domain and _that_ Skype icons not because under CC-NC but we can
substitute them with other Skype icons.
If they should not be
	please tell me why highlighting differences among all


[2] http://cubestuff.wordpress.com/2007/11/25/skype-goes-tango/

>> For example, I have serious doubts about the freeness of the search
>> engine icons in iceweasel (the ones on the top right of the UI).
> That is another matter that you should probably follow up with Mozilla
> or whatever copyright holder you can find.
> PS: no need to CC me.

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