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Re: RFS: spim

Jim Larus <larus@microsoft.com> writes:

> I give permission to anyone to modify and distribute spim and xspim,
> so long as my name and copyright remains on the code.

I'm not sure whether the wording of this is sufficient. The good news is
that the intent seems a perfect match for the “Expat license” terms.

Could you please make this into a statement of the form:

    I hereby grant all recipients of ‘spim’ and/or ‘xspim’ to use, copy,
    modify, merge, publish, distribute, sublicense, and/or sell copies
    of these works under the terms of the Expat license

That would make it unambiguous, since those terms are already widely
understood to result in free works.

You might also find it simplest in the long run to make such a statement
in the next release of the software work itself, including the text of
the license copied from that URL, so that any future recipient has
everything they need to know the terms without having to ask again.

Thank you for your persistence and willingness to work this through.

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