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Re: is the Clearthought Software License free?

jochen georges <gnugeo@gnugeo.de> wrote:
> i send this email on friday, but may be there was a problem. so i send it 
> again, 'hope it is not impolite.

There was a reply:

> only thing you can't do is fork the original source.  [...]
> i think, he just wants to avoid that there is "external" code under his 
> name "clearthought".
> so, what do you say?
> is that free?  

I think it fails DFSG 3.  If he wants to avoid external code under his
name, then there should be a clear labelling requirement and a
trademark on the name "clearthought".  Restricting the class and its
source seems impractical.

Hope that helps,
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