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Re: Sapphire.cpp -- Gpl compatible? DFSG-free?

Andrew Donnellan <ajdlinux@gmail.com> wrote:
> Whilst they might technically still hold copyright, I wonder if a
> court would consider a statement like 'Dedicated to the public domain'
> to be an all-permissive licence grant, given the common English
> meaning of the phrase. Probably hasn't been tested in court.

This is just a drive-by comment from me that "the public domain" can
mean either the (US?) idea of being shared and shareable without
restriction or the (UK?) idea of being known by members of the public
and not any sort of secret.  I'm not sure of testing in court, but if
it's pretty obviously unrestricted, it's probably good enough -
although not ideal as that sort of public domain is shrunk by bad laws

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