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JPEG-LS license issue

[ Sorry for the duplicate, I sent the initial post to debian-devel,
but was suggested this mailing list instead. So -again- could someone
please help me figure out the following issue.]

 I am trying to understand some license issue I am having. Could
someone let me know if the following is compatible with a debian

>From the [For License Of Certain Hewlett-Packard Patents Relating To
Lossless and Near-Lossless Image Compression] page (*)

The following statement should prevent having an implement of JPEG-LS in debian:

  1. Licensee may not assign the license granted hereunder to any
party at any time without the prior explicit written consent of HP,
except to an acquirer of substantially all of Licensee's assets with
written notice to HP.

Is this correct ? I am not clear if this is too much of a restriction.

What I do not understand -also- is implementation such as CharLS, which declare:

The code in this project is available through a BSD style license,
allowing use of the code in commercial closed source applications if
you wish. All the code in this project is written from scratch, and
not based on other JPEG-LS implementations. Be aware that Hewlett
Packard claims to own patents that apply to JPEG-LS implementations,
but they license it for free for conformant JPEG-LS implementations.
Read more at http://www.hpl.hp.com/loco/ before you use this if you
use this code for commercial purposes.
Ref: http://charls.codeplex.com/

As a side note ffmpeg/libavcodec now ships an implementation of JPEG-LS:
$ apt-get source -t testing libavcodec-dev
$ find ffmpeg-debian-0.svn20090303 | grep jpegls


(*) http://www.hpl.hp.com/loco/JPEGLSTerms.htm

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