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Re: GCC 4.4 run-time license and non-GPLv3 compilers

* Josselin Mouette:

> Le vendredi 10 avril 2009 à 14:35 +0200, Florian Weimer a écrit :
>> At least with a strict interpretation, the run-time exception suffers
>> from a significant issue with compilers which are not licensed under a
>> GPLv3-compatible license (such as the GPLv2, or the QPL), and which
>> are implemented in the language itself.  (One such compiler is
>> Objective Caml.)  After compilation with GCC 4.4, such a compiler is a
>> "work based on GCC" because it links to the GCC run-time library.
> No, the exception is here precisely to make it not so. The ocamlopt
> binary was generated through an eligible compilation process, and as
> such you can choose your terms for redistribution.

Well, it is a work based on GCC, but not subject to the GPLv3 thanks
to the exception.

>> Therefore, it's output cannot use the run-time library exception (it's
>> not the result of an Eligible Compilation Process because it's neither
>> the result of running "GCC, alone or with other GPL-compatible
>> software," nor "it is done without using any work based on GCC"), and
>> the resulting binary is covered by the GPLv3 (potentially among other
>> licenses).
> I don’t think you can say this is a work based on GCC just because of
> that.

Why not?  gcc/libgcc2.c and other files are part of GCC.

The license is ambiguous.

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