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Re: deluge, python-libtorrent and OpenSSL

В Sun, 05 Apr 2009 18:17:18 +0200, Cristian Greco написа:

> The python-libtorrent package contains bindings for
> libtorrent-rasterbar, which in turn gets linked against OpenSSL. So, is
> it right to ask upstream to add the exception?

FWIW, some time ago I asked licensing@fsf.org about a similar situation: 
gajim (a python program) uses optionally python-openssl, which links 
against libssl.  It was my understanding that even if this is not a 
scenario with classic linking, the same judgement should apply.

I reported this upstream [1] but it looked like they don't agree at all 
with this interpretation.  Following the discussion there, I wrote to 
licensing@ CCing the main upstream author (who is also the Debian 
maintainer of the gajim package).  They confirmed that Gajim's license 
should have the OpenSSL exception, as using the Python OpenSSL bindings 
is essentially equal to the case when a GPL'ed C program uses OpenSSL.  
The fact that python-openssl is not a hard dependency (i.e. only a 
Recommends: relationship is declared) doesn't matter.

There is no problem with python-openssl itself, as it's LGPL.  But other 
python applications and modules using it, directly or indirectly, should 
have the exception (of course only if they are GPL'ed).

[1] http://www.lagaule.org/pipermail/gajim-devel/2009-January/000583.html

IANAL, IANADD, TINLA -- I'm just sharing my experience about an almost 
identical case.

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