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Re: distributing precompiled binaries

MJ Ray wrote:
> So where did the above "PDF and PS are programming languages" argument
> come from?  References, please!

PDF and PS *are* programming languages, and quite powerful ones.
However, they are entirely interpreted - the output of a pdf "compiler"
would be a static image, not a pdf document, as pdf is the source (if
that makes sense)

PDF and PS documents are often mechanically generated - they are
transformed from some other document format - but that doesn't mean that
they are "compiled code". The transform is more like a preprocessor pass
- the output is still valid source, just not the same source as was
originally written.

I would direct you to
http://www.physics.uq.edu.au/people/foster/postscript.html for your
amusement - the first example is a fairly impressive raytracing program
written in postscript.

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