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Re: The copyright of a keyboard mapping and its implementation

Matthew Johnson writes ("Re: The copyright of a keyboard mapping and its implementation"):
> Well, if we take the position that it's not copyrightable then for our
> point of view it's not a problem what the licence is, we can distribute
> in main. It's also not a problem form his PoV, because he's happy for us
> to distribute under that licence. The only thing he'll complain about is
> us distributing derivatives. Therefore, not ripping it out of the X.org
> package but also not packaging any variants would also seem like a
> reasonable conservative stance, if a bit schitzophrenic....

If we do not think that we and our users can _modify_ it, then it's
not Free Software.  If we find that we are avoiding modifying
something at all, for legal reasons, I think it's hard to say that
it's Free.

Pragmatically, in the specific case, I agree with what others have
said: if we didn't copy any of the _implementation_ then we're in the
clear because the layout itself is not copyrightable.


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