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Re: The copyright of a keyboard mapping and its implementation

On Mon Mar 16 17:47, Josselin Mouette wrote:

> It is my opinion that, in European law, the copyright on a keyboard
> mapping does not affect that of its implementation, because, among other
> things, of the interoperability exception – in the same way a function
> prototype is not subject to copyright while the function itself is.

Indeed, copyright only covers concrete implementations. I think the word
he's looking for is "patent". 

Of course, IANAL, perhaps someone who is could comment.

>  I’d tend to say we should opt for the conservative approach and
>  remove them; despite the fact that I like the mapping, we shouldn’t
>  include software with such an unclear copyright status.

Well, if we take the position that it's not copyrightable then for our
point of view it's not a problem what the licence is, we can distribute
in main. It's also not a problem form his PoV, because he's happy for us
to distribute under that licence. The only thing he'll complain about is
us distributing derivatives. Therefore, not ripping it out of the X.org
package but also not packaging any variants would also seem like a
reasonable conservative stance, if a bit schitzophrenic....


Matthew Johnson

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