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Re: licensing for libpam-pwfile (ITP)

On Sun, Feb 1, 2009 at 10:53 PM, Antonio Radici <antonio@dyne.org> wrote:

> I'm adopting libpam-pwfile and while checking the licenses in the source
> package I've found that part of it is a derivative work of this code:
> http://www.multicians.org/thvv/gpw.html

s/adopting/packaging/ ? libpam-pwfile doesn't seem to be in Debian.

> Is this a proper "license"?

Not a very well written one. Definitely doesn't belong in Debian main
in any case.

> I've sent a mail upstream asking if he could adopt a more descriptive
> license which
> states clearly how to handle derivative work but I haven't got any reply so
> far.

Please ask them to choose one of the common DFSG-free licenses instead
of writing their own.



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