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licensing for libpam-pwfile (ITP)

Hi there,
I'm adopting libpam-pwfile and while checking the licenses in the source
package I've found that part of it is a derivative work of this code:

The fact that it is a derivative work is clear in the README of the upstream
package, checking the license of GWP I've found that there is no 'common'
license for the code but just a statement that says:

You are welcome to use the source of the password generator, if you

    * Share your source with others freely
    * Let me know you're using it
    * Give me credit, and all the other pioneers, if you use the data or algorithms

Is this a proper "license"?
I've sent a mail upstream asking if he could adopt a more descriptive license which
states clearly how to handle derivative work but I haven't got any reply so far.

What do you think?


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