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How To Broker REOs In A Down Market.

Dear Friend,

This past Friday our firm was quoted again in the press. This 
time it was in the Investor’s Business Daily, and the article 
details how to manage out of state borrower’s of defaulted paper. 

Please be sure to read it before it is taken offline. 


Also, in case you missed the information rich webinar, it will be
available until this Monday only. I would suggest you download it 
as soon as you can. 

Specifically, we mention what Dandrew Capital Partners looks for 
when buying pools of REO and Defaulted Paper product. 


This won’t be up much longer as we have to make room for his 
next event soon. 

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. 


Salvatore M. Buscemi
Managing Director 
Dandrew Capital Partners LLC
156 Fifth Ave
12th Floor

Dandrew Private Lending



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