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Re: Debian logo on quilt; license issues?

Hi KS,

On Sun, Nov 09, 2008 at 06:26:34PM -0500, KS wrote:
> A couple of years ago she wanted to make a quilt for me. As the
> discussion also involved open source at that time, I asked her why not
> just make me a small wall hanging of the Debian logo. She has worked on
> it for the last two years and has come up with a life size (about 6ft
> high) Debian logo (Open use logo) along with the "Debian" at the bottom.
> It is currently being displayed at an exhibition in Phoenix.

> At the time when I asked her to make it, I thought it would not be a
> problem as it was "open use logo". But while browsing again on the
> Debian Logos page, I noticed the "debian" trademark licensing policy
> http://www.debian.org/trademark . Can the experts give their advice on
> this regarding any licensing issues involving the quilt artwork.

The trademark page linked above covers licensing of the trademark on the
name "Debian".  The trademark status of the Debian swirl is unfortunately
fuzzy at the moment.  However, assuming we do have a valid, enforceable
trademark on the logo, it's my belief that you still wouldn't need a
trademark license to use the logo for unrelated activities like making

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