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Re: AGPL and Debian

* Simon Josefsson <simon@josefsson.org> [081129 13:34]:
> > Current hosting services usually only have one project for a specific
> > piece of software with a limited set of people allowed to change it.
> > I don't see how "I do not want to maintain this software, I just need
> > this patch with a minor hard-coded modification hosted somewhere
> > so that I can run the software" gives you access to any hosting
> > services.
> I won't point to specific projects to avoid embarrassment, but I have
> published some projects on Google Code which is a fork of an existing
> free software project plus some "ugly patches".  I had to rename the
> project, but that's easy.

And you think that once there will be hundreds of such renamed projects
of the same program which only have some patches that are not very
usefull for most people because of having to specific solutions and no
activity but some "please do not delete the project, I need the source
hosted to be able to run it" the hosting providers will just let this
go and not actively prune those pseudo-orphaned projects?

> Basically, I don't understand the cost argument.  Free software doesn't
> need to have an total-cost-of-ownership of 0 USD to be free software.
> Free software often costs much in reality.

So if I write some software that will usually only used in a way that
one has to pay huge amounts for the servers and the connections it runs
on anyway to make some sense, then a license requiring the user of the
software to "donate" $100 per copy to some free software charity would
be acceptable for main?

	Bernhard R. Link

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