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Re: Public Domain for Germans

* jfr.fg@freenet.de <jfr.fg@freenet.de> [081103 19:50]:
> Can I as a German use the following Public Domain-declaration-text,
> if I want the result to be dfsg-free?
> I, the creator of this work,
> hereby release it into the public domain.
> This applies worldwide.
> In case this is not legally possible,
> I grant any entity the right to use this work for any purpose,
> without any conditions, unless such conditions are required by law.

I think this is unnecessary complex. If you are afraid of some problems
by a court to interpret this, then in my huble opinion, you should be
more frightened that you gave no terms in German than about some
translation problems between the legal systems.

I'm no layer, have not knowledge in that regard and have not asked
anyone, but I fail to see what a

"I hereby place this work in the public domain."

fails to do. Such a sentence makes it perfectly clear what you want to
achieve. I should be legal in the US and I doubt a German court will
tell someone they used the wrong magic words but interpret the

	Bernhard R. Link
"Never contain programs so few bugs, as when no debugging tools are available!"
	Niklaus Wirth

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