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Re: firmware-nonfree : ipw2200 ?


Here's a patch that adds firmware-ipw2200 to firmware-nonfree_0.13.

In compliance with the license FAQ[1] :
- The package description includes a notice about the Intel license
  (the alternative would be be a click-through debconf screen).
- There's a LICENSE file in the same folder as the firmware
  (physically, it's a symlink to the copyright)

The patch probably needs some minor adjustments (I didn't completely
understand how debian/bin/gencontrol.py is used)

On Sun, 2008-10-26 at 23:04 +1000, Kel Modderman wrote:
> On Friday 24 October 2008 09:15:10 Frank Lin PIAT wrote:
> > 
> > I have just tested Lenny on a laptop[1] with an Intel Pro Wireless 2200
> > chipset. As you probably known the kernel module ipw2200 requires a
> > non-free firmware.
> > 
> > I'm wondering why it hasn't been packaged yet (since that card was
> > fairly common).
> > The license question was brought to debian-legal[1] and it seems there
> > was no barrier.
> > Of course, the boring part is that 1. It's non-free and  2. We must
> > prompt the user to approve the license.
> > 
> > - Do you know why the firmware was never shipped in Debian?
> There wasn't any firm concensus that the Intel license was acceptable for
> non-free at the time I last brought it up.

I haven't found such discussion. Anybody remembers such discussion?

> > - If I provide a patch, do you think if have a chance to be in Lenny?
> I don't think any new package would enter Debian Lenny at this time.

The current firmware was released a while ago (March 2006, according to
the firmware's mtime), so it is well tested.

If you find this suitable for Lenny, I would also prepare a similar
patch for ipw2100. Feel free to modify my patch if needed (or just let
me know what should be fixed).


[1] http://intellinuxwireless.org/?n=faq&s=license

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