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Re: independent.nu - DFSG compatible?

Petteri Tolonen <ville.tolonen@tut.fi> writes:

> I found this swedish webpage
> http://www.johannespinter.com/inu/ljudbank.htm , that contains
> several good sounds that I would like to modify and use. The
> 'license' is in swedish and doesn't say much:

Thanks for posting the entire license text here for us to discuss.

> -----------------------------
>  !!!OBSERVERA!!!
>  Rättigheterna är helt fria på samtliga ljud: Du kan alltså använda
>  dem precis hur mycket du vill i vilka sammanhang som helst utan att
>  behöva fråga om lov eller ha några tillstånd!
>    Känner du att ljuden hjälpt dig på vägen; tacka gärna
>  "independent.nu" i eftertexterna till din film!
> --------------------------

I am not able to read Swedish, so hopefully someone can get another
translation to corroborate. (You might like to ask on one of the
Debian translation groups for Swedish.)

> my translation:

Thank you.

> The rights are totally free for all sounds. That means you can use
> them as much as you want in any context you like, without needing to
> ask for permission.

Grants only right to "use", which is vague but not normally taken to
mean more than "perform" or "run"; i.e. a read-only use.

Doesn't grant rights to modify and redistribute, so these remain
reserved to the copyright holder. Fails DFSG §1 and §3.

> If you feel that these sounds have helped you then say thanks to
> independent.nu' in the end credits of your film.

A request, so probably not a restriction on actions. DFSG-neutral.

> Do you consider this DFSG compatible?

Without explicit freedom to derive modified works, and redistribute
with or without modification, I'd say this work is not DFSG-free.

You might like to advise the upstream to choose a well-known free
software license like the Expat license or ISC license, if those have
a Swedish translation available.

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