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Re: Alternatives to Creative Commons

On Thu, 18 Sep 2008 22:52:08 -0400 Arc Riley wrote:

> Did you check the source code to see if any additional clauses were added to
> the AGPLv3 before making this claim?  Apparently not, and neither did Francesco
> Poli a little over a year ago when he made similar accusations based on text
> on the same URL:
> http://www.mail-archive.com/debian-legal@lists.debian.org/msg37427.html

No, I didn't check the source code: I assumed that the official website
of your game engine reflected the actual licensing status of the
I don't recall reading any warning about the fact that the "License"
wiki page was just a relicensing proposal or a place for discussing
possible future license changes (assuming that this is the reason why
the "License" page of the official website for PySoy was inconsistent
with the actual licensing status of PySoy...).

I am sorry for not cross-checking before talking about what I found out.

On the other hand, making things clearer on your side would have
avoided misleading me (and others) into thinking that you had used
section 7b of GNU GPL v3 to impose specific restrictions.

> Again, a reaction to content on a wiki page without bothering to read that
> no "extra clauses" were ever applied and have never appeared in the svn
> trunk nor any release.

I am not exactly sure I understand what you mean by "reaction".
The thread I started back on September 2007 on debian-legal was just an
informative discussion on the additional restrictions I found on that
"License" page (now you inform us that those restrictions never were
added to PySoy, but we were unaware of this at the time...).

> Yes, I am upset this is the second time someone has made unfounded and
> unresearched claims on this list regarding "extra clauses" being applied to
> our software, and a good example why I'd prefer if Debian not have anything
> to do with our project.

You should not be upset with people reading the official website of
PySoy and assuming that information found there is accurate, in absence
of evidence to the contrary...

Moreover, as my usual disclaimers state, IANADD & TINASOTODP.
In other words, I am not a member of the Debian Project and I don't
speak on its behalf.  As a consequence, you should not draw conclusions
on the Debian Project on the basis of what I say...

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