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Re: Alternatives to Creative Commons

2008/9/19 Arc Riley <arcriley@gmail.com>:

> Yes, I am upset this is the second time someone has made unfounded and
> unresearched claims on this list regarding "extra clauses" being applied to
> our software, and a good example why I'd prefer if Debian not have anything
> to do with our project.

That's quite unfair. Two people make some comments on what they think
in a Debian mailing list on behalf of their own individual freedom and
you get a tantrum and don't wanna talk with those "evil Debian guys"
again? You don't even know what kind of affiliation they have with
Debian (none of them are Debian Developers), and even if they were,
you cannot take one person's opinion as representing the official
position of the whole Debian project.

I recommend you to calm yourself down a bit, take it easy and look at
all this criticism an suggestions from the perspective it deserves.
Lets try to keep all this civilized and not take it personal (this
also goes for Jamie Jones, who seems to be taking this
legal-intended-to-be discussion as a personal attack).

I am seriously interested in understanding how other people interpret
GPL regarding the relationship between game data and engines because
it might directly affect my work and, at some point, maybe the Games
Team will have to seriously consider this aspects, so I'd thank you if
you could avoid making this thread as aggressive as it is becoming, so
that everyone can freely express their point of view without fear of
being attacked personally for not thinking the same. Also, if whatever
is said might also be relevant to the Games Team, I'd thank if you
kept the Team's mailing list address in the CC field, as not all of
its members are in this mailing list.

I guess I'll keep this topic still for a while, so that everyone cools
down a bit, and bring it up again in the future, to see if we can
politely and openly discuss all the points of views and consequences
every interpretation might have.


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