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Re: Is AGPLv3 DFSG-free?

2008/9/11 Arc Riley <arcriley@gmail.com>:

>> You just changed it.
>> You now have to make it available (with its dependancies? i'm not sure).
> No.  It is neither standard nor customary to re-release an entire package
> for a small bugfix.  You could just upload a patch to the project's mailing
> list and refer to the URL of that patch in the list's archive.
> The cost to upload that patch is small compared to the cost of web browsing.

That might not be possible, unless Debian guarantees that all the
versions of all the packages will always be available (i.e. to
guarantee the snapshots service). We have already discussed that and
decided that Debian had no obligation of doing that (you only need to
do so if you modify and use the program, and Debian would only be
potentially modifying and conveying it, not using it). Thus, the user
won't have the guarantee that the exact source code of the package
they're using will still be available from Debian repositories.


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