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Re: Bug#496659: [bug-OpenOffice-OODoc@rt.cpan.org: [rt.cpan.org #38979] Genicorp General Public License]

Maximilian Gaß <mxey@cloudconnected.org> writes:

> Le Jeu. Sep. 04 07:52:06 2008, mxey@cloudconnected.org a écrit :
> > [...]
> > This licence is known to be fine for main, but contains the key phrase
> > "You may not impose any further restrictions on the recipients'
> > exercise of the rights granted herein" in section 10.  So, I think
> > that if the other licence contains any restrictions to copying not
> > already in LGPL-2.1 then we can't satisfy both licences at the same
> > time and so have no permission to copy it.
> > [...]
> > >          II - The software can be freely copied and passed to
> > >          third parties on condition that they accept the terms
> > >          of this user licence which should always accompany the
> > >          software unchanged.
> > 
> > So it requires acceptance of Genicorp GPL, which is a restriction not
> > present in LGPL-2.1 as far as I saw, so we can't satisfy both
> > licences, so we have no permission.
> Hmmm... But, as long as nothing in the Genicorp GPL restricts any right
> granted in LGPL-2.1, acceptance of Genicorp GPL should not be regarded
> as a "restriction".

The above makes it clear that it's a restriction. The "may <do foo> on
condition that <do bar>" is a restriction on doing foo. The specific
condition, "[the recipient] accept the terms of this user license", is
a restriction not in the LGPL-2.1.

The condition expressed above is, I assume, part of the terms and
conditions for the work under discussion. So, that's an additional
restriction not present in the LGPL-2.1, and thus the distributor is
breaching the LGPL-2.1 terms by adding this restriction.

The result is a work that has conflicting license terms, which under
the LGPL terms results in a work to which the recipient has no

> A recipient who accepts both the LGPL and an LGPL-compatible licence
> doesn't lose any right granted by the LGPL, isn't it ?

That's correct, AIUI.

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