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Re: Is AGPLv3 DFSG-free?

2008/9/2 Arnoud Engelfriet <arnoud@engelfriet.net>:

>> What about point 12?
> What about it? A finding by a court that a GPL clause is severable
> or that I am excused from complying with it is not a "condition" in
> the sense of article 12.

OK, I trust you in this, but shouldn't we wait for a court to decide
that before "ignoring" ourselves that clause on our own? I'm not sure
if I'm understanding you correctly here, but you mean that if someone
is exchanging data with your program through a computer network, and
it might be illegal to distribute the code to that person, you could
safely ignore it, not send them the source code as clause 13 says, and
you'll still have a license to use the program, taking into account
only the other terms?


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