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Re: Is AGPLv3 DFSG-free?

2008/8/28 Marco d'Itri <md@linux.it>:
> ian@davenant.greenend.org.uk wrote:
>>Miriam Ruiz writes ("Is AGPLv3 DFSG-free?"):
>>> Do you think AGPLv3 is DFSG-free?
>>Yes.  The source-transmission requirement is hardly onerous, and there
>>is an important class of sitations where that extra restriction is
>>very important to stop someone making the code effectively
> I totally agree with your position.
> Not all restrictions are bad and unfree (except for the morons who argue
> here from time to time that the GPL may not actually be DFSG-free).

There's no need to be rude or to insult [1] anyone just because they
don't share your point of view. It doesn't help to support your
possition a single bit (just on the opposite), and their reasons might
be as legitimate as yours. In the end, there is no absolute and
objective truth on how to interpret DFSG (or any guidelines of this
kind for that matter), so all we can do is to show all the points of
view, our reasons and concerns, and try to reach a consensus. Lets
avoid insults and concentrate on the arguments that support each
position. Lets keep this discussion civil.


[1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moron_(psychology)

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