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Re: GPL and OpenSSL in libs3

"Bryan Donlan" <bdonlan@gmail.com> writes:

> Hi,
> I've recently been discussing[1] with another developer his libs3
> library - a library to access amazon's S3. It is licensed under the
> GPLv3, but links to curl, which in turn links to openssl. It's
> possible to port libs3 to use curl+libgnutls instead (although not as
> easy as rebuilding curl, as libs3 makes use of certain cryptographic
> primitives itself), but the result breaks on windows.

Which symbols does libs3 need from openssl?  There is a GPLv3
libgnutls-openssl which provides some additional OpenSSL symbols.
Possibly it is sufficient.  If not, patches to improve the library are
always welcome.  Then you could link libs3 to libcurl-gnutls and

> 1) If the library is conditionally compilable against either
> curl+openssl or curl+gnutls, only dynamically links against either
> (neither the library nor user executables would directly reference
> openssl or its symbols), and doesn't make direct use of the library
> (the aforementioned crypto primitives can be replaced with public
> domain reference implementations), wouldn't this be sufficient to make
> the library's users not derivative works of openssl, and thus allow
> ordinary GPL code to link?

That needs to depend on the "system library" clause in the GPL for
libssl, and libssl isn't considered a system library in Debian as far as
I understand.

> 2) If not, is there a recommended way to deal with this situation?

Link to libcurl-gnutls and solve any problem it brings.  Make libs3 use
libgcrypt if it needs low-level cryptographic primitives, for example.

Hope this helps,

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