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Re: Misuse of Debian logo for City Tourism

Cyril Brulebois wrote:
>> Will you please respond to my E-Mail ASAP. I am curious as to whether
>> this promotion, for self-profit, is a valid use. I personally do not
>> like the Debian GNU/Linux Logo being used for the profit, and the profit
>> of a city. One, that I will admit, lacks anything interesting.
> Anyway, http://www.debian.org/logos/ has licensing info for both logos,
> which probably will answer your question?

quoting http://www.debian.org/logos/:
"Copyright (c) 1999 Software in the Public Interest
*This logo or a modified version may be used by anyone to refer to the Debian project*, but does not indicate endorsement by the project."

In this case this is not happening, since the commercial is about something not even related with Debian or computers.
Even Though IANADD or a /lawyer/, I believe they should remove the Debian logo from their something-they're-advertising.


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