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Re: Conflicting license for Adeona?

Francois Marier <francois@debian.org> writes:

> Here is the full text of the license:


> This program is offered "AS IS". Any use of this program is entirely
> at the user's own risk. Any output from this program is intended for
> informational, research and evaluation purposes only.

I don't think "is intended for [use Foo, Bar, Baz] only" is a
restriction upon the recipient. It states the *intent*, but isn't
phrased as a condition or restriction on what the recipient actually
may do.

It is confusing that this is part of a section named "TERMS AND
CONDITIONS FOR USE", but I don't think the statement could be
interpreted as any kind of condition or restriction on the recipient's
use of the work.

Could you explain this to upstream? Even if they don't change the
text, it would be best for them to be made explicitly aware of this
confusion in the terms.

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