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Re: Documentation copyright/licensing

On 11441 March 1977, Roberto C. Sánchez wrote:

> Now, each HTML file contains this comment:
> Generated by Doxygen
> Each file also contains this footer:
> Copyright © 2005-2008 Intel Corporation.  All Rights Reserved.

> When I inquired in #debian-devel, AzaThat indicated that the "All Rights
> Reserved" has little or no legal meaning anymore.  I wanted to get some
> opinions on this list before I upload however.

It doesn't have much meaning if the license is otherwise specified and
there are no doubts about it. If its the only statement one can find in
the sources then one has problems.

> All of the program sources are clearly covered under GPL2.  The
> documentation is mechanically generated from the sources.  Does the
> footer statement on documentation pages conflict with that license.  My
> initial inclination is that it does not.  Any other opinions?

If its like this you can just upload and it wont get rejected.

bye, Joerg
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