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Le jeudi 05 juin 2008 à 18:02 +0200, Vincent Danjean a écrit :
> * LGPL+ssl (LGPL with OpenSSL clause)

There is no need for an OpenSSL exception for a LGPL-licensed work.

> What I'm thinking with a program that links with 2 libraries:
> NOT valid: progA[GPL]{libssl}
>     valid: progA[GPL+ssl]{libssl}
>     valid: progA[GPL+ssl]{libssl,libB[GPL]}

This is not valid, because you indirectly link libB with libssl. You
need libB[GPL+ssl] for this case.

>     valid: progA[GPL+ssl]{libssl,libB[LGPL]}
>     valid: progA[GPL+ssl]{libssl,libB[BSD]}
> NOT valid: progA[BSD]{libssl,libB[GPL]}
>     valid: progA[BSD]{libssl,libB[LGPL]}
>     valid: progA[BSD]{libssl,libB[BSD]}
> And now, more complex cases where this is a library that links to openssl
>     valid: progA[BSD]{libB[BSD]{libssl}}
> NOT valid: progA[GPL]{libB[LGPL+ssl]{libssl}}
>     valid: progA[GPL+ssl]{libB[LGPL+ssl]{libssl},libC[GPL]}

This one is not valid, for the same reason.

>     valid: progA[GPL+ssl]{libB[BSD]{libssl},libC[GPL]}


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