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  I would like to be sure to fully understand compatibility between all
these licenses. I (will) package softwares that currently link with
openssl. Uptream did not know about these problems but I think it will
take all the necessary steps.
[I already read several documents such as

  Let's see some situations and tell me if my analyze is correct.
Let's introduce some notations to easily talk about different situations

libA[license] is about a library under the "license" license where
"license" can be :
* license1,license2 (for dual licensing)
* GPL+ssl (GPL with OpenSSL clause)
* LGPL+ssl (LGPL with OpenSSL clause)

progA[license] is the same for programs

libssl is a library under the OpenSSL license (libssl or libcrypto for example)

and progA{libB,libC} tells that progA is dynamically linked with libB and libC.

What I'm thinking with a program that links with 2 libraries:
NOT valid: progA[GPL]{libssl}
    valid: progA[GPL+ssl]{libssl}
    valid: progA[GPL+ssl]{libssl,libB[GPL]}
    valid: progA[GPL+ssl]{libssl,libB[LGPL]}
    valid: progA[GPL+ssl]{libssl,libB[BSD]}
NOT valid: progA[BSD]{libssl,libB[GPL]}
    valid: progA[BSD]{libssl,libB[LGPL]}
    valid: progA[BSD]{libssl,libB[BSD]}

And now, more complex cases where this is a library that links to openssl

    valid: progA[BSD]{libB[BSD]{libssl}}
NOT valid: progA[GPL]{libB[LGPL+ssl]{libssl}}
    valid: progA[GPL+ssl]{libB[LGPL+ssl]{libssl},libC[GPL]}
    valid: progA[GPL+ssl]{libB[BSD]{libssl},libC[GPL]}

Am I right for all these cases ?

I also saw that libgnutls and libgcrypt are LGPL whereas libgnutls-openssl
is GPL.
It is a little of-topic for this list but in case, does someone know
a GPL or LGPL dropin-replacement for libcrypto ? (libgcrypt has the
same king of functionalities but has not the same API)

  Best regards,

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