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Can a CC-SA 2.5 work be relicensed under CC-SA 3.0?

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Recent developement versions of liferea include a set of icons derived
from the CC-SA 2.5 tango icons set.

That means I can't upload such versions to main, as that's not

However, the author of the icons has indicated he'd be willing to
relicense them, within the constraints of the original work, of
course. Now, CC-SA 2.5 section 4.b says

  You may distribute, publicly display, publicly perform, or publicly
  digitally perform a Derivative Work only under the terms of this
  License, a later version of this License with the same License
  Elements as this License, or a Creative Commons iCommons license that
  contains the same License Elements as this License
  (e.g. Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 Japan). ...

Does this mean he's free to relicense his derivative work as CC-SA
3.0? In that case, I'm I right in assuming this would make the icons

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