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Re: Grammarsoft Public Licence 1.0

"Francis Tyers" <spectre@ivixor.net> wrote in message 1204464835.22451.6.camel@ishtar.thinkgeek.co.uk">news:1204464835.22451.6.camel@ishtar.thinkgeek.co.uk...
Hello there,

I'd like to package piece of software for Debian called VISL CG
(Constraint Grammar).

The licence file (see Appendix A.) is a bit strange, and although it
states it is derived from the MPL, I'd like to get an opinion as to if
it is a free-software licence or not (as defined by the DFSG).

A related issue would be that I would be interested if it is GPL
compatible, I have emailed the owners to this effect but have received
no reply as of a week. Would anyone on the list be able to tell me?

Many thanks for your time,

Francis Tyers

PS. I have enclosed the licence file below as it does not seem to be
readily downloadable outside the software.

==Appendix A==

Well it is no less free than the MPL. This is because only the company names and choice of law has changed. (plus that section at the begining added) I determined this by running it through wdiff.

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